Green-Line / Laser Cut Paper Plants for some different scales

Fredericus-Rex laser cut products are innovative products for the super realistic groundwork and bases design. Each product is built on the model from nature. Each plant is complex cut with a laser of special paper, so that even the finest details and most delicate structures are visible. Due to the complex, is ensured to the extreme detail of the agreed formula of special paper products that Fredericus-Rex laser cut Products are also tear resistant and malleable. The innovative production method of laser-cut has three fundamental advantages over conventional processes of plastic or etching. First, the laser Fredericus-Rex laser cut Products have by using the special paper is a realistic surface. Second, the laser Fredericus-Rex-Cut Products look very natural, because they do not have the artificial gloss of plastic products, and etched to a significant price advantage.

The application is very simple:
  • Paint the products in the sheet of paper.
  • After painting is that the laser-cut products by simply severing of one or two connection points achieved from the arch, a trimming is not necessary.
  • Formed by hand and secured with a drop of glue (for example, Super Glue) in the model landscape.
  • Every complex product have a instruction.